Can't access my hard drive

Do any other Articulate users work in an IT environment that does not allow access to your hard drive? My company is considering locking down our hard drives. This mean that the user will go through the motions of saviing to the desktop (or C drive) and on the back end, the IT dept re-directs it to a network drive. I'm told the user will "think" that the file is on their hard drive, but in reality, it will be on a network drive.

Aside from that stealthy solution. My company already has a policy against saving anything to a non-network drive. I work in a highly regulated industry that is subject to periodic "audits" and "holds" from outside sources, therefore, everything must be on a network drive.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jane,

I've heard of users working off a network drive, and being totally fine - but it's just not what we recommend. If you're going to do so, I'd suggest that whenever you go to save files you also create a Presenter package and you'll be able to back that up to a network drive and it could prevent odd behavior in the future.