Can't Change Customer Logo

I am hoping that someone can help. I'm just about finished on a project and the client has supplied me with a new logo, I've added it and published it and the old one is still displayed. I've removed the old logo from the logo list and published again and ...............arggggh! the dratted old logo is still there.

Can anyone offer me any help, the client really wants his new logo not the old one. 

Many thanks in advance, this is driving me nuts  - and my swear box is now full

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Bruce Graham

When you hit "Publish", you have to make sure that the logo setting on THAT screen is also changed.

You have probably chosen the new logo in the "Options" section, but are still publishing the file with the old one in, (check the Template it is using too....)

For some reason it is not automatically linked, I have published a logo from a different client before because I forgot this !

Hope that all works.