can't change customer logo

Feb 23, 2011

I can't get the logo from one customer off of a presentation for another.  I have gone to the publish option and used the ... to select the correct one, it doesn't work.  I go to presentation options (logo), and I only have the one I want used in the list and selected.  I also went searching through the folders, and the wrong logo isnt even listed there.  I don't know why it's  hanging on!

edited to add:  when I look at the "..." button when I go to publish, the wrong logo is listed there with "(In Project)" listed next to it.  selecting the correct logo has no effect.

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Brian Allen

Hello Hallie!  Have you tried publishing your presentation using one of the default templates provided with Articulate out of the box?

Sometimes you can publish with one of these default templates, don't select anything for logo, presenter, etc., and it will strip away those (in project) settings.  Afterwards you can publish using a custom template and/or custom logo and you'll be ok.

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