Can't get hyperlink to web page to launch in Articulate

I followed the instructions here for adding a hyperlink to a web object:

I published to Web to test, clicked View Presentation when it finished publishing, and the hyperlinked text I created did not behave as a hyperlink, it was flat text, and the web page also did not launch when I went to the launch page with the Articulate object manually.

Is there some trick? Something to avoid? Does it have to actually be uploaded to a web server first?

This is something I told a client the training could do, because I had seen the option in Articulate and assumed it would be something straightfowarward - please don't make a liar out of me! ;&gt How do I get this to work? I am simply trying to provide a slide of 'Helpful Related Links" where they can click what they want, which opens in a new browser window.

Thank you!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Marilyn, welcome to Heroes!

Yes, you do need to test your content in its intended environment: Web server, LMS, Articulate Online, or CD. Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported, and you will need to publish your presentation for proper testing. Have you given that a shot yet? Let us know. Thanks!

Ron Price

Hey Marilyn,

Hyperlinks to Slides that contain web objects can work even when viewed locally.  In most cases the course does need to be published, not just previewed for the links to work, which sounds like what you are trying.

When you say the links do not "behave" as hyperlinked text are you referring the change in the cursor when hovering? or just that the link is not opening the site?

You also mentioned that the website would not launch when you went there manually.  If I understand correctly, that may be an issue with the URL you used.  Are you using http://www.  in your address?

Any screen shots you could send.  I cannot replicate you failure when I follow the instructions on the screenr you referenced. (but I created that screenr, so I may be making an assumption about a step)

Marilyn Freedberg

I did publish, not just preview, but I viewed it locally, I didn't upload to my website yet.

The cursor did not change, and the link didn't open the site.

I used the full address and tested it when setting the link.

The website didn't launch when I went to the next slide by hand, which is the one that has the web object the hyperlink is supposed to launch.

Ron, I did try to message you directly since it was your screenr, but couldn't find an email address or link for you, and when I went to your website link, it was first going to have me fill out a whole page of information which I didn't want to do.

When you ask for screen shots to send, where do I send them to?

Marilyn Freedberg

Thanks Ron for the help!

And for reminding me that in PowerPoint hyperlinks to web pages, or other places in the document etc. don't work with links attached to text, they need to be attached to a shape.

So the solution is to create the hyperlink for an invisible square over your text - but! One other bug, set the hyperlink BEFORE you remove the fill on the shape.

Marilyn Freedberg

Thanks for the clarification Ron.

Yes tables are notoriously tricky.

However I think I have had trouble linking to text outside of tables as well; as you say, transparent boxes are a good option, and the way to go if you run into any trouble linking to text. It's not an Articulate thing that means you need to imbed a web object to get it to work!