Can't open attachments from CD in Presenter '09

I've just burned a CD containing multiple courses published from Presenter '09 on it. Most of them contain attachments, which include HTML, PDF, DOCX, and XLSX files. However, I cannot open these attachments from inside the player when running the presentation from the CD -- the clicks on the links do nothing.. It worked fine from my PC before burning, and if I copy the published course from the CD to my PC, then run it from my PC, I can open the attachments just fine. The attached files are all where they are supposed to be, in /data/downloads. I've successfully used this approach for 10 years with previous versions of Presenter, no problems. The behavior is the same in Firefox and IE, on Vista and Win7.

Anyone have any ideas why the attachments won't open only when running the course from the CD? Thanks much.

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Karl Wiegers

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi Karl and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I would recommend that you check out this support article for assistance.

Thanks, Leslie, but I don't think this article helps. I have no problem opening the attachments when running from the web or from my PC's hard drive. However, I cannot open the attachments when running from a CD, from a flash drive, or from an external hard drive. So it doesn't seem to be a matter of UAC, pop-up blockers, file naming conventions, etc. The same happens in both Firefox and IE9 (with default security settings). Any other ideas? Thank you.

Karl Wiegers

Yes, I'm publishing for CD. The same thing happens if I publish for LMS. SCORM 1.2. Attachments will open from the LMS or from my hard drive, but not from a flash drive or external hard drive (and presumably, though I didn't test it, not from a CD, although this isn't really important for SCORM, of course). I just uploaded the Articulate Package for one of the 18 presentations (I call these "modules" in my course) from the CD, which shows the won't-open-attachments behavior consistently. Thanks for the help, Leslie.