Can't open files once created - HELP

Jul 05, 2012

Once I have created slides in power point and then use Engage or Quiz Maker, I am unable to edit them.  I continue to get this error message:

Articulate Presenter - "Unable to access interaction (file name).intr.  Please locate the interaction.  What does this error message mean?  Do I have to publish my file before I can edit it?

I am just starting to use Articulate and need all the help I can get with tips on how to edit files.



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Peter Anderson

Hi Janine,

When you create an Engage interaction, it creates an INTR file. What you need to do is locate the INTR file that is associated with the interaction in your presentation. You may want to check the folder that contains your PowerPoint file or My Documents\My Articulate Projects. If you've done that and are still unable to proceed, please submit a case. Thanks!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Rachel.

Here is what I would do. You need to make sure that all of your files are located on your local C drive. A simple way to do this would be to create two folders:


C:\Articulate Publish

The first folder is where you keep your project files (your PowerPoint files, INTR files, QUIZ files, etc....). Once you have this set up. 

  1. Move all of your project files into a folder here C:\Articulate like C:\Articulate\My Project
  2. Create a new PowerPoint file and save it in your new project folder . I would not use your existing one at this point.
  3. Add your existing interactions or quizzes by following the steps here and here. You want to use Add Existing since you have already created your quizzes and interactions.
  4. Save the file. 
  5. You should no longer get this message. 

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