can't open the presentation

Hi everybody!

I've built 7 learning objects and delivered them to my customer.

I tested and re-tested them and they work perfectly.

Unfortunately the customer can view those objects properly only

on some computers. On others pc, as they click on the player,

the browser opens and nothing else happens.

I know this can happen, so I suggested them to update the flash player,

the shockwave player and to enable pop-ups.

They could not solve the problem though! Any other idea?

Here's the configuration of a not-working pc:

HP mod. 6730s, Windows 7, IE 9 or latest Firefox.

Thanks in advance!

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Mauro Gaiotto

I published the course as a Web presentation. In fact, those presentations have to be avilable on a web site.

I told them to open the folder and click on the player icon. I'm quite sure they are opening it on the pc, not from the web.

What do you mean by saying "some local Flash player restrictions"?