Can't Preview or Publish my project- NEED HELP!

Aug 06, 2013

I need help-  am not sure who to contact/ call.  I'm a (fairly) new Articulate user, and have been getting along just fine.  However, the last time I went back to my project and try to Preview or Publish, I got a message asking me if I want to make my file "readable".  I clicked on "Yes", and then got a message that says my file can not be made readable.  I've checked the file's properties, and it says that it IS readable.  Any ideas for me---- or even, a help desk # that I can call?   Thanks.  Julie Crotty

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie and welcome to Heroes!

Have you tried importing it into a new Presenter file? That can solve random glitches that occur.

I don't receive this message on my own Presenter files, so I'd like to test yours - can you post here in the forums or send to our team by submitting a Support case? 

You'll need to package your Presenter files as directed here

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