Can't see slide changes in my audio

I open up the audio editor and drag the slide boundaries to change when each slide starts. I hit Save & Close and it looks like it saves, but when I go back into the audio editor, the slide times are exactly what they were before. There is no actual audio in my slides; I am just trying to change the duration of each slide. Why is it not letting me do that?

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Justin Wilcox

Sorry, I missed the part about not having any audio. The default timing for slides without audio can't be overwritten by using the Audio Editor. Here are some options for you to try:

  1. You could add a hidden object to each slide and create a with or previous animation and apply it to the object. That would create the timing you want.  You can change the default timings in Presentation Options -> Publish -> Slides without audio or animation display for X seconds.
  2. Another easier option, if this is going to be an interactive course, would be to adjust the default timings to 1 second and then set all slides to advance by user in Slide Properties. That way you wouldn't have to worry about timings.
  3. You could also create silent audio WAV files in a third party tool with the timings you want to use and import them. I go into how to create them a little bit here.