Can this work? A swf video in Captivate, published in Articulate

Sep 29, 2012

I have tried many different settings but cannot get my .swf video to run.  I have added it to my Captivate (.cp) file.  I'm using Captivate 4.0 so as to utilize ActionScript 2; not 3.  The video performs fine when published in Captivate.   I then published the captivate project to .swf and imported the .swf to my PPT file, which I then published in Articulate (CD output).   I've tried both output settings:  'synchronize slides to project' and 'do not synchronize slides to project'. Neither works.  In Captivate, I've also played with different video type settings (e.g., progressive video) but without success. 

Is this because I'm embedding a swf inside a swf?  Has anyone else had the same issue? Is there a resolution?

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Charles Zoffuto


Just a couple of questions.

1. Does the published SWF work when played as a stand-alone file through a browser?

2. When you say "imported the .swf to my PPT file" did you go to the Insert Tab in PPT or through the Articulate Tab?

3. You may want to try inserting the exercise as a web object if you can't get it work.

Curt Zilbersher

Hi Charles.

1. The SWF file works fine as a stand-alone file.  In fact, it works fine when published in Captivate 4.0 (ActionScript 2) and run from my hard disk.  Embedding and running it in the published Captivate file is no problem. 

2. The Captivate file was published as a SWF file.  I then imported it to my PPT/Articulate presentation by going to the Articulate Tab and selecting 'Flash Movie' from the ribbon.  I then selected the SWF file.  I selected 'Play in Slide' and tried both synchronization settings:  Synchronize Slide and Movie, and; Movie Plays Independently of Slide.  Neither setting worked:  The Captivate SWF file gets embedded and runs when published in Articulate BUT the Captivate slide that had the embedded SWF file does not play.  And that's the issue.

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