Cannot edit quizmaker module or presenter module - I'm new!!!


I just installed Articulate and have not taken classes.  I created a course yesterday and now when I open the module and choose Articulate / Engage Interaction /  Edit ineraction in Articulate Engage...   I get the error message "Unable to access interaction...Please locate the interaction. 

This is so basic.  Can someone tell me how to get in and edit???


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Brendan Strong

Hi Linda

This wouldn't usually happen unless you moved or renamed the files you were working on (or if you created the files separately to the main PPT file). All you need to do is Browse to the location where the files are stored.

If you can't remember where you put them, open Engage or Quizmaker directly (i.e. Start > Articulate > Engage). You should see recently accessed/created files on the right.  Open the one you want.

Then click File > Save As... - this will tell you the location of the files. Take a note of them, go back to PPT,

Click "Engage" or "Quizmaker" to insert the interaction/quiz

When it asks you where they are, just Browse... to the location where you found them.

I hope you don't mind my saying, but 1 key piece of advice I'd give you when working with Articulate is to run a really tight file naming/storage ship. You generally end up creating lots of files that are compiled when you publish all of them. So it's really important to keep them together and well organised in a file structure that makes sense to you.

Naming is also important for the same reason - if you want to go back and edit a single file, you'll have to find it. If you have lots of files, you'll need to sort through them!

Personally, I create a new folder for every single project I work on, then keep all Articulate and image/video/assets in there, altogether.

Best of luck!