Cannot locate temp\Articulate folder

Hi - I published a course that was displaying older versions of a couple of quizzes (even though the linked quizzes were the correct versions.) This has happened before with other elements, and I learned that I need to clear the Articulate files from the Windows Temp folder. However, I am using a different computer this time, and cannot locate the temp/Articulate folder. Any ideas where it might be? Searched my entire hard drive - no luck. (I also cleared the temporary Internet files, just in case.) Thanks!

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Transfers of Learning

I have a similar recurring problem that makes me bang my head against the wall. I often have to send my project folder to other team members. When it comes back to me - Articulate never remembers to link to the components in the folder - yet creates Temp files. If I'm lucky I get the pop up that asks me to relink it. How can I be sure articulate is linking to the files in my project folder and not creating phantom temp folders? I have deleted and replaced more times than I can count as a result of this non-linking. Please help a tired ID!