Cannot Open Presenter '09 in Parallels 8?

Sep 11, 2012

I installed Articulate Studio '09 Pro via Windows Parallels 8 for Mac.  The icons for Presenter '09, Quizmaker '09, Engage '09, Video Encoder '09 appear on the desktop.  I double clicked Presenter '09 icon, but the Activation dialog box does not display an "Activate Now" button, thus I cannot enter the serial number.  I clicked the "Launch PowerPoint" button, but it didn't launch.  Has anyone discovered a way to resolve this?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Michael, 

You mentioned "the Activation dialog box does not display an "Activate Now" button, thus I cannot enter the serial number." Are you sure you have the syntax of the serial number correct? If the syntax isn't correct, the Activate Now button won't appear. 

I'd be sure to confirm that your serial numbers are entered correctly and are valid. 

What happens when you launch Quizmaker and Engage? Are you able to launch PowerPoint directly with any issue? 

Michael Gonzalez

Yes, my Presenter serial number begins with "AP6".  After the install I double-clicked each Studio '09 icon and was able to activate Quizmaker '09, Engage '09, Video Encoder '09 by entering the serial #'s.  When I double click the Presenter icon a window opens, but the only buttons displayed are "View Tutourials",  "Join the Community", "Product support", "Buy your copy", and "Launch Powerpoint".  There is no field to enter the Presenter serial number.

The "Launch Powerpoint" button does not open Powerpoint.  I can open PPT independently, but the Articulate tab does not appear in the application.

Michael Gonzalez

Peter  - Thank you for your suggestions.  I contacted the support team before I posed my question to the forum.  Ultimately, they provided some articles for me to read, but I've been unable to resolve the issue.  This is a major problem for me, as many of my training modules were created with Presenter and I'm now unable to revise them or publish new modules.  

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