Cannot upload in any fashion


I tried to publish my course as I normally do...and it would not work...I got the message about it not being able to publish. This happened to me once before...and it turned out that I had lots of little extra things weighing it down. So, I removed a few items, but I still could not upload.

Then, I followed the instructions to upload manually...the zip file was created, but when I opened it after it was published, as suggested, there was some sort of pdf file...and nothing else. trying not to panic...but I have to get this course to my client...and I can't...

If I create an articulate package, can I upload that, or is that something completely different?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele!

How are you publishing your course. Do you get any details about the publishing error?

The Articulate Package is not the same thing, as this is a way to send project files, not the finished module.

Are you having trouble with just this one course or multiple courses? I know that you had some other issues with your software this weekend, so not sure if you needed to conduct a repair or not.

If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to package your content and submit it to us to have a look.

Michele Israel

I am having an awful lot of trouble with the program. Two days ago, I got a message that said I had only a trial program and that I had to reactivate. I did...even though I own the software...and it's registered. This worked...until today...and I got a message again that I had to reactivate...that my trial program was, I am unable to reactivate.

The publishing had to be done manually...either I have too much content or the entire Articulate program is compromised as evidenced by the activation issue.

Then I was unable to open the presentation, and had to rename it in order to open it.

I would love to submit a package...and will, but if my program is compromised...or perhaps there is a virus on my computer.

I am not happy camper...maybe I have to reload the software?