Cannot use simple navigation buttons


I am trying to build a very simple Presenter show that contains one slide which is the "menu," with an action button that users click to go to a certain slide, and then when they get to that slide, another button that they click to go back to the :"menu" slide.

This does not seem to work at all in Presenter.

I see from your list of limitations that you support clicking from one slide to the next and back, but you do  not specify if you support the possibility to click from one slide to a specific other slide in that same presentation.

Is this possible in Presetner Studio 09 or 13? We have both.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rainy!

Yes, you should be able to do this. I'm assuming that you are using hyperlinks to accomplish this.

Hyperlinks may not work as expected when previewing. To test hyperlinks, publish your presentation and upload it to a web server or LMS. Otherwise, local security restrictions may prevent your hyperlinks from working properly.

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint will be published in Articulate Presenter. Check out our supported hyperlink options here.

I also wanted to mention if you are branching to a particular slide and want the user to go back to the menu, you could just set the 'Prev' behavior via slide properties to jump to a particular slide. Here's how to manage slide properties in Articulate Presenter '13.
Rainy Horvath

Thank you, Leslie.

I tried what you suggested, publishing and trying on the web server and yay, they worked.  BUT, this brings up another question...

Some of the slides needed to link to a little page that contained a history of the issue, to remind the learner.  So I made that slide HIDDEN in the PowerPoint deck, and then also HID it in the Articulate presenter nav bar.

The links to that hidden slide, only, work, but they land at the slide after it.  Does this mean that I should not hide slides in Powerpoint, but only in Articulate?  And if so, how can I keep the learner from having to look at them>

We just got Storyline, and Version 13 of ARticulate so maybe those will have more options, but this course was started in Studio 09 and I am afraid to switch horses in the middle of the stream.

Thank you very much!

Regards, Rainy

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rainy! Great question! So, I guess you noticed in the document that I provided that hidden Powerpoint slides were not supported. You can simply hide those in your player menu in Presenter. This way they are still published with your presentation, but the user cannot see them.

I have provided all documentation for Presenter '13. Did you want this course to remain in '09? You mentioned at the beginning, that you wanted either '09 or '13 and I provided documentation for '13