Captivate 6 not working

Does Captivate 6 work with articulate Presenter 9? It deos not seem to read the .swf file. I tried using the work around that helped with 5.5 (import as a web objectthat was already resized) and when it tries to run it just flickers on the screen.  Does Articulate work with HTML5? I noticed that the only option in Captivate for HTMLoutput is HTML 5.

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Alicia Spillman

Captivate 5.5 seemed to work when you renamed Captivate's htm file to index.html and add it to Articulate as a web object. But Captivate 6.0 files do not respond the same way. We finally got them to work locally by building an html file from scratch, but then the video failed to load when course was uploaded to LMS.