Captivate as Web Object in Articulate on CD problem

Jun 18, 2013


Would really any help or ideas you may have.

I have a course in Presenter that I've imported Captivate files as Web Objects.

When I publish and post on a site, everything works fine - yaaay.

When I publish to CD, the web objects play BUT the tabbing between fields in my web objects do not work.

Any ideas?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Steve:

You issue is not Captivate or Articulate, it is the fact that you are running essentially a website within the frame of another website - not allowed on local drives for any computing device. Over a decade ago, this would have worked, but modern operating systems block this to keep viruses and such out.

Your solution: purchase / trial / find a free download of a web-server on a stick (so to speak). I use a purchased version of Stunnix and it never fails, however, this is a bit of a Rolls-Royce license.

I use this product because it never installs any software on the host computing device. Stunnix carries its own FireFox RT browser, so you also don't care if the user even has a browser.

These type products make your PC think they are on the internet.

This is the right solution to modern computing blockers while requiring the use of WebObjects.

BTW: Once you get through this, you will then discover that you no longer have the issues associated with the Studio09 player requiring you have IE installed when launching the exe file.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Steve Eames

Thank you  Dennis. We are actually investigating something similar to that. Good to have another resource.

The odd thing is that the Web Objects actually play, we've discovered that they just lose focus and the tabbing starts going everywhere.

I made sure that "Enable keyboard shortcuts" is not enabled to prevent this in my online version.

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