Captivate right-click not working in Articulate Presenter EXE

I understand that a work-around is required to support right-click functionality. In the Captivate publish, this is provided in the .htm and .js file included with the package. When you import just the .swf, the right-click functionality is lost as the .htm and .js files are not included.

I tried to import the Captivates as web objects. However, Presenter 13 will only accept absolute URLs. As my content will be published to .exe for CD release, I need a relative URL.

Is there some other way to accomplish this? I am out of ideas.


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Robin King

I had already taken a look at the thread you mentioned. However, the posts there are from 2009, so they are not referring to Presenter '13. For example, the video on how to embed a Captivate as a web object uses a relative URL - which I guess was allowed in Presenter '09.

So I am still stuck here. The Captivates are software simulations, so having the right-click is a big deal with the client.

Robin King

Well, here is where it gets really wierd. If I insert my Captivate using a full URL, when Articulate Presenter publishes the content to the CD (exe), it create a new directory within the publish package. The directory contains all of the Captivate files, the .swf, .htm, .js, and .css. When I run the CD package from my own computer, the Captivate loads properly and the right-click functionality works. The location that the CD package shows is not the original Captvate location, but is the newly created directory.

When the package is opened on another computer (I tested it on three different computers), the Captivate loads properly but the right-click functionality does not work. Again, Articulate is showing that the directory within the CD package is being accessed to run the Captivate.

I can not come up with any reason that it would funtion this way. If this could be solved, my problem would be solved. Thanks!