Captivate's preload into Articulate Presenter

Feb 08, 2011

Hello everyone,
I'm working on a course using Captivate 4 and Articulate Presenter 09.
My project consists of several slides, and in each of them I add flash movies created by Captivate.

Using Captivate's options, I add to each captivate file I create, one of the default preload (with AS2), setting the time to preload at 20%.

Then, when I go to put the swf file into the slide (published without skin) and I publish the file, the preload is not displayed in the browser.

The result is that I find myself in the articulate player with a blank white slide, until the file is loaded. After that, the movie starts. You can understand that depending on the file size, you see the white slide for several seconds, without anything happening.

Has anyone ever faced a similar situation?
How did you fix this problem?

Thank you

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Phil Corriveau

Hi Gabriele. 

Although Articulate Presenter preloads two slides ahead of the one being viewed, it doesn't preload Flash files inserted into slides. As a result, your Captivate file will not start downloading until the slide is reached and there may be a considerable delay before it plays (depending on file size, connection speed and other factors).

It sounds like you might to be a good candidate for using the custom preloader--which in many cases can greatly reduce or eliminate these delays.  There are two (free) versions available:

For Flash users


For non-Flash users

It's not a solution for everyone, but it might be worth checking out.  If you code in Flash, I think the code is pretty easy to tweak.  If not, James Kingsley (creator of the non-Flash version) provides a nice Screenr on how to use his XML-based version.

Hope this helps...

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