Captivate text entry calls up Articulate shortcut

In my organization, we use Captivate for software tutorials and "wrap" the .swf files in Articulate. I keep having this problem with Captivate text entry boxes that use certain characters that prompt a keyboard shortcut in Articulate to display (see image.) I have deselected the option "Enable keyboard shortcuts" in the Player Template but that has not fixed the problem. What am I missing?

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Diane Peters

Hi Brian,

I'm using Captivate 4. I fixed the text entry problem by allowing a mouse click in the text box. I republished everything and imported all of my movies into Articulate as web objects. Now, because the user advances the slides, the movies do not automatically load and play consecutively like they do as .swf files. If I set the Articulate slides to load automatically, the Captivate slides stop after 5 seconds and advance. Is there a work-around for this?


Brian Batt

Hi Diane,

Since the files are being loaded as "web objects", Articulate is just acting as a host for the file.  There's no interaction whatsoever between the Captivate file and the Articulate shell.  Thus, the timer will show 5 seconds by default.

Your only workaround would be to insert the SWF files directly into the Articulate presentation instead of using web objects.  However, I think that might take you back to square one.