Capturing Live Video with Sound

Hi everyone

I have a question about video in Articulate.

I have a colleague who would like to record a live meeting (using Lync)  of people holding a VOIP and video call so that this can be embedded into Articulate. We need our learners to see the video and hear the sound of the conversations within the meeting.

Any ideas would be gratefully received - many thanks

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Sam.

Articulate supports MP4, FLV and SWF files so  provided that can be output in a format that Articulate supports or in a format that can be converted into a format that Articulate supports, you should be able to do that. One thing about web conferencing that might make this a challenge is the dimensions that it records at. If it records your whole screen, Presenter's slide area is only 720 x 540. So you might have to have the video open in a new window.