How to do I put a "Certifiate of Completion" that shows with the person's name on it at the end of the course. Is this possible, or do I create a PDF and upload it as a resource, and then at the end of the course have the learner print it and add their name to it? Or is there another way of having a learner print a certificate of completion?

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Timothy Condon

@Daniel - The link that Leslie provided is a great resource. However, you will obviously need to include a one-question Quizmaker quiz solely for the purpose of enabling you to utilize the "Print Results" feature of the results slide. I encourage you to give this a shot, I've had good luck with it in the past. I would assume the rationale for not including a "Certificate of Completion" in Presenter alone is because it is something that is more appropriate to include in Quizmaker. @Leslie - Thanks for sharing the link!