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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Alex,

The color of that text is actually controlled by the parameter for Unviewed Slide Titles. You can change that by using the steps shown in this tutorial: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/changing-your-player-s-color-scheme.aspx

If you change that color, it'll affect the unviewed slide titles in your sidebar, the text in the title bar, the text of any player tabs on the upper edge of your course player, and the name & title of the presenter if you've included a presenter panel in your sidebar.

Hope that helps!

David Celaya

In school they called that kind of thing a "design challenge". lol. You know what you want to do, but the software, (Or your boss, or client, or whatever) is forcing a limitation on you. I ended up going with neutral grays on all bars and left nav. I put just a bit of blue in the text so that it somewhat differentiated unclicked vs clicked, but did not make the title a the top stand out too much. But who knows, it might change tomorrow.

Erik Savage

"that would make a great enhancement to log as a feature request if you haven't already." if i did that every time articulate shit the bed, it would be a second job..are we still beta testing $1400 software 4 years later?..... call it like it is..... this is a BUG, an ERROR IN CODING, LAZINESS.... as kevin said, they are completely different areas. one should have nothing to do with the other....you know about it? fix it..... thumbs up articulate, thumbs up.

Jeanette Brooks

Erik, I hear your frustration and I'm really sorry that it's inconvenient to manage these two items with a single color parameter. I assure you that it's not laziness, nor a bug, but simply one of the tens of thousands of decisions that a dev team makes in the process of determining which features and enhancements are going to have the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of course developers. Often, the decision is further affected by how possible it is to make the change without causing ill effect to some other aspect or feature of the software.

Again, I really apologize that this has caused you such frustration. The good news is, the player color editor for Presenter is much more flexible in the upcoming Studio 13. It behaves a lot like the player color editor in Articulate Storyline, where the top bar text and the unviewed slide titles are handled by completely different color parameters. 

Jeanette Brooks

I should also mention that these sorts of changes (such as the improvements you'll see in the player properties when Studio '13 is released) come about because of all the helpful feature requests that the community has taken the time to share with us. So please know that when you do submit feature requests, every single one of them is noticed, and we appreciate your feedback very much.