Changes "notes" section after publish using presentation.xml

Due to my swf files being removed everytime I publish i was wondering if its possible to make changes after publishing so i don't have to re-import all files.

What I want to do:

on slide 3 of my module, I mistakingly say that the course is 90 minutes when in reality it is 60 minutes.  

I opened up the presentation.xml file found the typo in the notes section, replaced 90 with 60 and saved. However when i view the module, the change isn't there. It still says 90 in the notes tab. 

Is there anyway to change "notes"  after publishing?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Robby, 

Making changes to the published output isn't something we support, but if you're making the change in the right place, the change should stick after republishing. Maybe another community member can chime in with some help on that.

I think your best bet would be to make the changes in the original source and then republish. I know that's what you're trying to avoid, but it's really the safest and most reliable way. 

Paul Kornman

If you look in your published folder structure, you should see a data>swf>notes folder.

For each slide, there should be a "notesbig" and a "notessmall" swf file.

So, what you want to do is update the "notesbig3.swf" and "notessmall3.swf" files in that folder.

I suggest (it worked for me):

1.Make a new PowerPoint file (1 slide) no content on the screen.

2.Copy the notes from your module's slide 3 into the New PowerPoint deck.

3. Make any changes to the notes (if you haven't already).

4. Publish this new PowerPoint file.

5. Find the "notesbig1.swf" and "notesmall1.swf" in your published data>swf>notes folder

6. Rename them to "notesbig3.swf" and "notessmall3.swf"

7. Replace the files in your module's "notes" folder

Good luck,