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Jeanette Brooks

Hi David, currently the color schemes in learning games are not customizable. Feature requests are welcome though. Depending on the type of learning game you are working with, you might be able to create a similar experience with a Quizmaker quiz, which allows more flexibility with editing the player color scheme.

David Janus

I will advise my client - thanks.  I have also submitted a feature request to enable editing of colour schemes for Learning Games.

My client is producing professional content for the corporate environment and it is very important to them to maintain the same look and feel throughout the course.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tammy! I'm sorry, this isn't something that has been changed, so yeah, it's still not possible to edit the color schemes on learning games. What kind of learning game are you building? Is it maybe something that could be constructed in Quizmaker, where you have more control over the color scheme?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jennifer! Unfortunately the learning games in Presenter don't provide a way to edit the look & feel, and there really isn't an equivalent to the Word Quiz in either Quizmaker or Engage. Are you wanting to test the learner's recognition of a word, or maybe their understanding of a definition? Could you maybe re-engineer the activity as perhaps a Pick One question type in Quizmaker? Maybe we could brainstorm some other alternatives if you're able to share some details about what you have in mind.

Jennifer Cheng

Thanks for your reply Jenatte. The objective is to give a fun exercise oppose to a quiz at the end of the elearn to act as a recap of all the key phrases and some key points in a language elearning. What I like about the learning game is its “fun” element. This activity is not overly challenging because the word boxes serves as clues to the answer.

Blake Griffin


Have you looked at these games?  You can purchase them and edit them using Flash. 


If you are not a Flash user and don't need to customize the look, there is also a subscription based service for the same games:


I believe there is a free demo you can try if you are interested.