Changing file name or not

Sep 27, 2011

I noticed Brian asked on another post if someone had changed the file name somewherre along the line. It started me thinking about that.

How do the rest of you save your vrious versions of a project? Do you keep the original name and just re-save that file again and again or do you call them v1, v2, etc so you have previous versions on hand if a problem occurs?

Does changing the name of the (PPT) file cause problems?


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Brian Batt

Hi Jon,

You can do a File > Save As and that will create a copy of both the presentation and the PPTA file.  You can also use the "Send to Articulate Presenter" Package feature:

If you rename the PowerPoint file without renaming the associated PPTA file, you may break the link between the PowerPoint and the Articulate content.  For more information, see the screencast below:

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