Changing Files in PPTA?


This is kind of an unusual question, so I thought I'd stop by and see what you think.

I updated one of my courses and published.  After that, I did some noise reduction of the mp3 files in Audacity and replaced the files in the published output, which worked fine.

What I'm looking to do is open the PPTA file so I can access the file structure, and simply drag those revised MP3 files into place (so the project has the updated mp3 files as well.

I'd love to do this since using the "Import Audio" feature is problematic due to the file names that Articulate creates--I have no idea which files are which (and there are a few hundred of them).

Anyway, is there anyway to open the ppta file on a PC so I may view the file structure within?   I found that I can actual do that on a Mac, but I don't have one I can use currently.

Thanks much & have a great week,


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Brian Gavin


Thanks for the reply, Mark! I'm definitely able to open and view the files in the PPTA file with 7-Zip.

However, I'd like to replace some mp3 files directly in the PPTA. When I try this with 7-Zip, I get an error message "Operation Not Supported"

It seems like the PPTA is designed as a protected archive of some sort by Articulate, and can't be edited directly. Have you been able to add/delete files directly from the PPTA?

Thanks again!