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Paul Kornman

Welcome to Heroes, Devin.

I would also like to change the defaults for adding Flash movies (but for me it's the "Advance to next slide" option. More than 99 times out of 100, I want the second choice: "when user clicks next.")

However, you can change the size and position of the added Flash object using some Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in PowerPoint itself.

You basically want something that includes some code like this:

For I = 1 To .Slides(nSlide).Shapes.Count
        If .Slides(nSlide).Shapes(I).Type = 12 Then ' 12 indicates the flash object type
            .Slides(nSlide).Shapes(I).Top = 300 ' the top of the movie, pixels not inches
            .Slides(nSlide).Shapes(I).Width = 400 ' the width you want, pixels not inches
            Exit For ' there's only one flash object on the slide
        End If

Next I

which you would run after you import the Flash movie.

You could create a master "fixer" PowerPoint deck that has Macro code (so it's not in your Articulate deck and it can be used with more than one deck) that can adjust all kinds of settings in your presentation (such as the font and size of all the notes on your slides).

I expect that you're not that familiar with VBA, but it can take the pain out of a lot of repetitive tasks in any Microsoft Office application.

Best wishes,

Paul Kornman