Changing Slide length after removing audio

I have a presentation which did include audio for several slides.  I have now removed the audio but the length of the slide is still what it was with the audio content. When I preview the slide it last 1.31 seconds but you don't hear any audio.

How do I change the length of this slide back to 5 seconds and not 1.31 seconds (the length of the removed audio track)?

Many thanks in advance.

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Helen Tarbox

Hi Luke

That was quick... I have just double checked my presentation and this is already set to 5 seconds, slides that have never had audio added are 5 seconds long.  However slides that have audio removed have not changed size to 5 seconds. 

It is as if the audio has not been totally removed???  Does that sound daft?

Helen Tarbox

When I look in the Audio Editor it has not adjusted the length of the slide.  So I did as you suggested and manualy altered several (both by deleting space & using the 'Set Next Slide' option) and Saved my changes.

When I previewed the presention the slide was still at at 1 minute 31 seconds!  When I went back into the Audio Editor I found that it had not saved my changes!!!!

Any ideas why it has not saved?

Luke Dart

No idea why it hasn't saved, it happened to mine aswell so there must be an option to choose somewhere.   

I do have a solution (even if it may not be the prefered choice)

If you create a blank presentation and copy and paste the contents of the slide over, you are effectly creating a new presentation with the default settings still active. Hopefully that should work, just hope the original isn't too long