Changing Slide Timing


Is there a way to customize the time each slide plays in Presenter (like you can in Power Point).  Some of my slides require very brief viewing while others need to be read.  I had them timed in Power Point but when uploaded to Presentter and Articulate Online, the presentation slides went to the default 30 second time from which is WAAAYYY too long for some.  I now you can change the timing overall but can you do it slide by slide?  I do not have any audio in the presentation, currently.  Thanks!

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h mun

I am not sure if this is related to your situation but I wanted to reduce the time it takes for the next button to start flashing. (My presentation is already set for user to control the advance/next button.)  I think the default must be 5 seconds after the last animated object on your slide.  In PPT, I went to Articulate > Presentation Options > Publish, and then changed the top two option from 5 seconds to 1. (maybe 0 works too?)   My next button started flashing much sooner!  Yeah! (I'm a brand new user so I'm still learning.)  I'm not sure if this will help you but hey, if you can shave 4 seconds, it's something.  Good luck.

Tim Hickman

I found a work-around for the individual timing of slides without audio or animation.  I created a series of "silent" audio clips from 1 to 20 seconds.  I import the desired timed silent clip into each slide to trigger the slide change at the end of the clip.  I set the over-all timing in Presentation Options>Publish to 1 seconds.  It does not seem to accept 0 seconds. Now you have complete timing over each slide change

Djoma De Guzman

I've done Tim's tweak on the 'silent' audio. It's cool way to have some control on slide timing.

On another note, is there a way to alter the slide timing for an Engage file, that is after the final tab/label is clicked can the timing to advance the slide be shorten ( takes about a little over 6 secs.)?