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Nov 10, 2011

I have just made changes to the Player Template and given it a new name.  I then ensured that the new name was shown in the drop down box within Player Templates and checked the 'Preview' and all looked fine.

I then published the e-learning (this takes about 10-15 minutes) when I then looked at the learning it had not used the new template.

I opened the Player Template window and it was showing the old template.  so I changed it again and this time did a Preview of 3 slides - the old template was used again!

After opening the Player Template window it was now back to the old template.

Can anyone tell me why Articulate is not saving the changes and using the template??? Alternately is there another place to select the template???

Many thanks in advance.

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Steve Connell

I'm trying to apply a template from another quiz to the current quiz I'm working on.  I did make sure I had the right template selected before publishing and it is still not working. 

When I click on "Colors and Effects", I can tell from the preview that it isn't pullling the correct design.

Have any ideas?



Jeanette Brooks

If your colleague provided you with a .quiz file, the quiz player template that was applied to that particular quiz is stored within just that project. Here's a way to make the quiz player template available to other Quizmaker projects:

  1. Open the .quiz file in Quizmaker.
  2. Click Player Templates on the Quizmaker ribbon. You'll see the quiz player template selected, and it'll say "in use" after the template name.
  3. Click the Duplicate button to save the quiz player template to your own hard drive. Quizmaker will prompt you to give it a name. After entering the name, click OK.

Now the quiz player template is saved on your hard drive and you'll be able to apply it to other quizzes you build or edit.

Curtis Kynerd

I am havng a similar problem.  I know I must be missing some simple step somewhere...but I can't seem to find it.  Here is the situation.  I downloaded Tom's Sliding Blue Quizmaker template.  I have it applied to a new quiz I have saved.  It is saved to my computer as a Player Template.  So, when I click on Player Template in that new quiz and view this new template in the Colors and Effects Tab all looks correct.  However, when I open an existing quiz and try to convert it to this new template, I don't seem to get any changes.  I change to the new template ( it indicates that the new template is in use), then click on the Colors and Effects tab or preview it and I still see the old template that I was using on the quiz before.  Do I have to manually go into the Colors and Effects tab and change all the settings?  I thought clicking on the new template would override those settings.....  Somehow, I am not applying the new template and I can't figure out what I am failing to do.  Help.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Curtis - with the Sliding Blue example, are you wanting to save & reapply the blue and gray design that's on the quiz slides themselves? It so, that's actually not part of the quiz player template - it's something that you can save as a design theme and then reuse in other quizzes. Here's a short screencast that shows how to do that:

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