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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Joseph - do you mean the border around the perimeter of the slide (shown in purple in the screenshot below)? If so, there isn't a feature within Presenter to remove that, but you can change its color so that it blends better with your course content. You can edit your player colors, and customize the Slide background parameter to something other than white, so that it looks better with your slides.

Another option, if you only have one or a few slides where the border is a concern, is to create a separate SWF of the slide content (by publishing it from a different file and then grabbing the slide's swf file that Presenter generates) and insert that onto your course slide instead. When you insert it, you can make it slightly larger than the actual slide stage, and the result will be that it essentially covers up the white border. Mike Highfield shows how to do this in this screenr. It's a clever idea, but would get labor-intensive pretty fast if you had to do it for more than just one or two slides.