Changing the template of a PPT without losing the animations and audio synch


I was given a PPT with 35 slides and a lot of audio. The file had a lot of synchronized animation as well. The original developer of the PPT wanted to make a lot of changes to the actual file (in terms of template and styles etc.). Plus he also wanted to retain the original animations, audio synch, and text as well. 

From the past experience, whatever change he made to the template took away the animation synch.  For the new set of changes, he was wondering if we can either minimize or avoid redoing the animation synch.

As you know, the PPTA file critical in such synchronizations.

Here is what i tried and it worked:

1) Created a new PPT (in the suitable style)  with the same number of slides. 

2) Copied the name of the old PPT (this will be the same as the PPTA) and deleted that file.

3) Set the title of the new PPT to be the same as the old one.

4) Just  opened the PPT and re-imported the audio alone (did not touch the synchronization)

Note - i did not do any direct modifications on the PPTA file.

5) Presto! and everything is in place! 

This way we were able to minimize a lot of rework. Try it out. Hope this is useful.


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