Changing the White side background in Presenter

Dec 13, 2011

Hi Everyone

I tried to search this issue and it seems other people have had the same issue, but I could not find a difinitive fix.  Hopefully it is something simple!

I have a gradient background in my Powerpoint slides that I am publishing with articulate.  I was hoping the presenter would resize around the presentation, thereby eliminating the white stripes on either side of the presentation. 

If I had a white background this would not be an issue, as it would blend in.  I have noticed some people have produced presenter templates with different colour backgrounds, but unsure how to do this.

Your help would be greatly appreciated



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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Matthew!

You can adjust the color of the slide background to whatever color you want. Go to Player Templates -> Colors -> Edit Color Schemes -> Accent Colors -> Slide background. You can modify the RGB or the Hexadecimal value there.

Colors – Articulate Presenter ’09 Help
Presenter '09 | Creating Custom Color Schemes

Is that helpful?

Matthew  Kading

Is there a way of reducing the width of the player itself so it aligns more closely with the full screen view?  I dont plan on using the sidebar in the presentation.  I changed both backgrounds to black, but it seems that there is a slight difference in the two colours, even though the colour codes do appear to be the same.  If I could change the width of the skin or player itself that would help solve this issue. I was playing around with the optimize/lock size of the presentation, but I do not think that is the fix here, unless I am wrong.


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