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Peter Moyer

Well, it gets weirder.  Found out I appear to have a virus, exploit, on my laptop.  I am currently on my HP all-in-one.  on this computer I have Articulate Case # 01110926 for "When I click on "Record Narration" I get "Run-time Error 48: Error in loading DLL" and I cannot "Add Annotations, Sync Animations " either.  Case entered yesterday. 

As for version it is Update 9 102.2417

Alyssa Gomez

Oh no, Peter! That's never fun to deal with. I do see that you're working with my colleague Gren in your case, and that she gave you some troubleshooting steps to repair Studio '13. Give those steps a try, and us know in your case if that solves the character issue and the record narration issue. I'll follow along with your case, as well!

Peter Moyer


We are still struggling with this whole scenario... On my H-P All-in-One I cannot get some of the functions (Record Narration, Add Annotations and Sync Animation) to work as they bring up the fatal:


We have tried everything BUT re-installing Win 10. Maybe there is a repair for Win 10 but that might be too much to ask. I would rather have a lobotomy that re-install Win 10. Been there, done that and it ain't fun...


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Leslie McKerchie

Sorry to hear that you are still having difficulty with this Peter. I do see where Gren has reached out to you again with additional information. I will add this comment in your case as well for continuity as you continue to work with her.

It looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed and here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Peter Moyer



Yes, me also.  Between Gren and my computer guy I think we have tried every trick in the book to make this work.  As I have a five day seminar to present the first week in September, I think I am going work on that and probably re-install Windows 10 when I get back.  Unless you and Gren would like to spend a few days in the mountains of North Carolina (close to Boone!) and work on it.  All living expenses paid as I have a freezer full of food...  OK, maybe not but worth a try.