Click animations don't work

I am using Articulate supported animation and no flash on very simple slides, yet my simple animations do not work in Preview nor Publish mode.  In PowerPoint, the user clicks to an area and the animation occurs (e.g. the hot spot acts as a button or there is a simple wipe animation). 

For the hot spot, it is set up as an opaque object to click.    On the Wipe scene, I have set it up so the wipe is not the final animation (I added an invisible 'appear').  Both are set up so User Click advances the slide.  I'm pretty sure Articulate has capabilities that users can 'click' to cause an animation to happen, right?  Please help!

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blair parkin

Hi danielle

On click animations don't work like they would in a normal presentation. If they have no timings they will automatically appear based on the Presentation Options > Publish setting in the articulate ribbon.

If you want to replicate on click animation hyperlink your object (where you want the user to click) to a duplicate slide that then has the animation appear automatically (either with previous or after previous)

Hope this helps