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Apr 15, 2014

Is it possible to have users click an icon in Presenter for an audio file (mp3) to begin playing?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Andrew! Depending on how you need it to work, one thing you could do is make the button link to a hidden slide that has the audio file (this 2nd slide could look identical to the slide holding the button) Another option might be to embed the audio as a web object via something like Sound Cloud or something similar.

Alison Gibson

I have the same issue and want to link to the audio file that could be housed on our google drive (the link would be public).  Chrome browser does not support linking to a web object - or any other URL. Can this be fixed? 

Also you said we alternatively make the button link to a "hidden slide" - can that slide be hidden in the menu on the left of the player?

Cynthia Morris


After looking around the Articulate community, I found this to be the closest discussion panel to my Articulate problem.

On a PPT slide, I want to pose a question (with text) and have the student click an image to hear the answer (audio). I currently have this set up and it works perfectly.

The problem is that the student can only hear the audio ONCE. I need the student to be able to click on the image to hear the audio (.wav file) MORE THAN ONCE, so that they can listen to the phonetics and take notes.

How do I set up Articulate to REPLAY the audio on the same PPT slide?

Thanks for your help.


Dave Neuweiler

Hi Cynthia ... if you're using the "hidden slide" strategy listed in the thread, and you want the user to be able to replay the hidden slide, try putting a button on the hidden slide that hyperlinks on click to the same slide. When the user has finished, clicking the next button would resume normal navigation (of course you'd have to set that up to return to the appropriate slide).

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