Closed Captioned SWF files won't work in Presenter


I'm trying to add a video file to a slide in my presentation. In order to be 508 compliant we're adding closed captions to the flv file using a program called Captionate which embeds the captions in the flv file. I then created a swf file in Flash Professional using the flv file and spcifying a player skin that allows CC to be turned on or off. It all works fine when I publish the file from Flash but when I import the swf into Articulate Presenter the playback skin disappears. It previews fine for me when I'm in the import dialog box but when I publish the skin is gone. I've tried manually copying the skin file over to the swf folder of my published presentration but it still doesn't load.

Any suggestions?


Mark Smithhisler

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Mark!

I hope I'm not misunderstanding what you're trying to do, but adding separate player controls to a video imported into Presenter isn't currently supported. You may want to submit a feature request for this.

This feature is supported in Quizmaker and Engage, however. 

And you can create the illusion of a movie with player controls in Presenter by using Quizmaker, adding one or more videos to a Blank Slide, each with separate player controls. Then publish your Quizmaker quiz into your presentation. This (unsupported) article describes how you can edit the player template and color scheme of the Quizmaker quiz so that it appears to be a slide in your presentation (rather than appearing to be a quiz).

Is that helpful?