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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel,

I'm surprised there aren't any suggestions on this thread, already. Sorry about that! Are you working with the same type of video eLearning was using? I'm assuming the files are separate with the original files. What i'd suggest for this is actually creating another video recording of that video with the subtitles playing. This way, you'd have the video and subtitles in one file. I'm not sure you'd be able to pull them in separately into Presenter, as I've never seen this accomplished before. 

Hopefully this information will get you started. If you find any additional information or suggestions, please feel free to share.


Rachel Leigh

Thanks for your response Christine. 

I think what you're describing is open captioning which is different from closed captioning (CC).  CC allows you to turn on and off the subtitles whereas open captioning doesn't.  I definitely don't want open captioning, so I've accepted that this is just a limitation of the tool.  We're posting these videos on YouTube so we'll have closed captioning there on them at least.  My dept.  elected to use 3playmedia to add the closed captioning.


Anna Powless

Hi, this is a question very close to the subject.  I have given up on closed captioning but I was able to create open captioning with MovieCaptioner and it plays well in Quicktime.  However, when I added it into Presenter 13 the captions do not show up.  I believe it was an MP4 originally. Any suggestions?