Cloud Video not working

Jan 06, 2012

I have approximately 20 courses in which I am calling video.  The videos are housed on Brightcove's cloud services, but are called into the course via a web object.  When I am pulling in the web object and I click Test Link, the video plays just fine.  Once the course is published, some videos are working and some are not and it seems to be totally random.  I have reached out to my IT team to find out if it has anything to do with our firewalls or servers, but I decided to reach out here as well.  Maybe someone else has encountered this issue and can provide me with some help.  It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Celestial,

Are you able to share a link containing one of the videos you're experiencing the issue with? If it's not something you can share publicly, you can Create an Articulate Presenter Package and confidentially upload the zip file to our support staff for review. You can do that here:

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