cmi.suspend_data - help ?

I’ve got aquestion regarding cmi.suspend_data. Do you have a specification on how that data is structured and/or stored? Each authoring tool stores the cmi.suspend_data using a different format using characters that represent demarcation or groupings etc within the cmi.suspend_data field. I was just wondering if there’s a spec on Articulate’s formatting of the data?

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John M

I have a follow-up to this question.  Does Articulate ever store quiz results data in suspend_data?  We’ve been scrutinizing this field in our LMS database tables because we get these long data streams in the field that we were hoping might be information about our users (and specifically, quiz results) as they go through the lesson. 

I ran two test subjects through our first lesson.  I did nothing to adjust the player set up either time so, if it only stored player setup info, you’d expect both data streams to be identical, yet they are not. 

The only thing I did differently for each user was to select answers that were the extreme opposite of the other test user.  Also, the data stream seems to be demarcated in a way that made us think it might be representing the six quizzes in the lesson.  Is this possible? 

Any information would be helpful.
Thank you in advance.

David Janus

This may be a bit off topic, but hopefully in the same vein.  If you have the option to resume enabled, is it possible to force the user to resume where they left off?  In other words, is it possible to somehow disable the 'no' option which would in effect only give them the option to select 'yes' and resume where they left off?

Joshua Barol

I am also interested in uncompressing and parsing the string. We would like to know what pages the user has visited.

Brian Goldhardt said:

Justin Wilcox said:

Hi David.

You can review this information here.Hi, related to this question, we have seen in Storyline published content that the suspend_data string is compressed, how can we uncompress and parse this string?



Justin Waskovich

is there a de-hash of what the numbers mean? Some of our students have issues and we need to reset their scorm content back to a working state. However, we would like to dynamically build this content on the fly and the #3 portion of the suspend data is the only portion we are grasping at straws to re-create it. Your input is valued and thank you for your time. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

You can't uncompress suspend data, and because of the compression it's not human readable as mentioned here. 


If you need to reset their attempt at a course, you'll need to do so within the LMS. If you've enabled the prompt to Resume you could also tell them to select No to the prompt and it would start them over from the beginning of the course.