CodeBaby videos - transparent background

I've been using a program, CodeBaby that creates a talking avatar that can be inserted as a FLV video by Articulate. It has been working fine and now I'm trying to put in video avatars and the 'transparent' background is now not transparent. Older productions are ok but the same "ok" flash file from before is now not transparent in the background.

Any ideas of what is going on with this??

Paul -

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Paul.

FLV alpha channel transparency is supported in our Flash output, so I think we'll need to take a closer look at your project. If you can please open a Support Case with us and include the following two items for us to examine, it would help us a lot:

  1. A copy of your zipped, published output where transparency was working properly.
  2. A packaged copy of your current course that demonstrates the transparency problem you are experiencing.

We'll be watching for your files. Thanks!