Color Issue on Slides

A pink/blue gradient bar is appearing behind certain text in my Presenter courses when I preview or publish (to both Web and LMS). I've tried copying all of the slides to a brand new PowerPoint, reconstructing the slides and text boxes with elements from other unaffected slides, and publishing on two different computers. See the images below. What is the problem?!

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Mario Gervais

I got the same problem often and Articulate presenter's staff told me that this mean « my files are corrupted ». That mean you must re-

create the project from scratch. I never had any corrupted files on my computer with any software but, it seems that it happen a lot with Presenter.

Good luck Josh!

Phil Mayor

Mario Gervais said:

Tom Kuhlmann said:

Cool. Thanks for the link. Learned something new.

This is an easy option to blame as fast the user PC and/or environment. It happen very often here. Just sayin....

Sorry the link didn't seem to show up, it was the same one Lesley linked to. If you follow the link it says it will be fixed but also gives a solution for now.