Colorful Chevron Tabs Template

The Colorful Chevron Tabs Template is great! I am using it for a learning activity and need some assistance with understanding how to get the tab titles to show up on the slide that is seen during the transition between tabs during the slide show. Although I have edited the tab titles in each slide, I still see the template with unedited tabs between each tab's content during the slide show. I have attached the slide I'm seeing.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Danna!  Have you changed the tab titles on every slide?  I downloaded that template, and I noticed that when I changed the first, yellow tab title on slides 1 and 2, it transitioned with the new title.  When I clicked on the second, red tab, the original title of the yellow tab showed.

So, just make sure you change all of your tab titles on all of your slides.  If you're still having trouble, can you share your Articulate Package here for me to have a look?


Danna Mantooth

Unfortunately, when following the directions on creating the package, I get the same error message and cannot proceed further. The error message is “The project file …. cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of Articulate Presenter.