Combine video and slides

I have a video of a presentation plus the ppt slides that were shown during the presentation.  The slidescreen is not visible on the video, so I need a way to combine the video with the slides so the applicable slide appears at the appropriate time.  Any suggestions on how I can do that using either Presenter or Storyline?  I thought about chopping video into little pieces (can I do that with video encoder?) and then inserting each video piece on the applicable slide.  The slides are mostly images, with very little annimation.  If I saved each slide as a picture, is there any way to superimpose the image of the slide on top of the video? --or does anyone have any other bright ideas?



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Virginia Wilkinson

Hi Peter,

I was hoping to play the entire video while having each slide appear at the appropriate time.  From what I gather from your links, a video can only be contained on one slide--it cannot be played across multiple slides.  If so, that means I have to break the video into pieces and insert piece by piece on the slide that relates to that particular portion of the video.

Shwetha Bhaskar

Not sure if this is useful for you but if you have a copy, using Adobe Presenter is the easiest, fastest way to accomplish what you're looking to do. We constantly have to do what you described (creating modules from faculty .ppt presentations + video) and have found that it's the best tool for this job (but we prefer Articulate for most other things Adobe Presenter also has the option of switching the sidebar panel to be on the right or the left. We modify that based on whatever direction the speaker is in relation to the screen that's displaying the slides so it kinda looks like the speaker (in sidebar video) is referencing the slides on the screen...

Kate Jurd

I was wanting to add a video of the course presenter to the storyline file, but I would like him to appear without the background, a little like the photographic characters in Storylines character bundle.

Ive tried editing in the video editing software that I use, but there doesnt seem to be an option to blank out the backtround.  I have seen this as an example in the articulate community..but cant locate it.