Compile Error in Hidden Module


I upgraded to Studio '13 yesterday and everything seemed to go fine.  I'm working with a PowerPoint file that I started prior to the upgrade.  Now when I try to use Articulate I get the "Compile error in hidden module" shown below.

I found this error under Articulate support but it references Presenter '09.  It says I have re install Office.  Please tell me I don't have to do that.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

One of the additional things mentioned in that article was that you're using a supported version of Microsoft Office. You'll find the system requirements here for Studio 13, and before doing an uninstall, you'd want to check that you're using the 32bit version instead of the 64 bit. 

In the event that you need it, these directions will help you repair the Studio 13 software, and these directions are for repairing the supporting Windows software. 

If you'd prefer to connect with our Support team before or after doing the repair, you'll want to package your Presenter files and send along to us here. 

John Borgen

I'm getting same error. This thread is a year old and it seems (according to the referenced links) that the 64bit verison of Office 2013 is now supported.

I am going to start with the directions for repairing Studio 13 and move on to the instructions for repairing the Office installation if necessary

I'll also update this feed with my findings.

John Borgen

Okay, I'm back up and running. I went through the steps for repairing Studio '13 and that didn't resolve the issue. However, I would advise anyone to follow those steps as they are quick and simple...and you can rule them out. I went on to repairing Office 2013. This is a bit more time consuming. By following them step by step I was able to fix the issue after un-installing Studio '13 and fixing the registry settings for PowerPoint.

All in all, it took about an hour and I'm back in action.