"Completion" and "Freezing" Issues


We are having some intermittent problems with Articulate Studio courses "freezing" the browser and with "LMS completion" errors. (Not consistent. Not on one particular slide.) I just need some thoughts on the following areas of troubleshooting:

1) Is it okay if the publish title and identifier names, etc., have a period or underscore or space in them? Or could these semi-special characters associated with publishing info cause intermittent "freezing" or "completion" problems?

2) Is it okay if the logo file name has special characters in it?

3) We are updating a course built by someone else. They have sent us all of the files. We notice that if we publish the course the Engage and Quizmaker files seem to work fine most of the time because they are embedded in some way; however, if we go to edit one of those Engage or Quizmaker files, there is no link established and we need to find it on the hard drive and establish the link. I guess my question is, where there are embedded Engage/Quizmaker files without a proper link, could this cause intermittent "freezing" or "completion" problems?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

As described here, the following can be used within a published title. The underscore should be ok, but I'd steer clear of any other "semi-special" characters just to be safe. 

  • Letters of the English alphabet (A-Z)
  • Numbers
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Underscore (_)

The same would be true for your logo file, any video files, etc. 

It's possible the Engage/Quizmaker links weren't included in the Presenter package you received, so you'll want to review this troubleshooting article on how to relink them.  

Once you've fixed all those items, if you're still having a problem with it freezing please feel free to connect with our Support team, and send them your Presenter files packaged accordingly.