completion not reporting to LMS

I created a presentation with several engage interactions and a few regular PPT slides. I published it for LMS and uploaded the zip file to BVS (my LMS). 

In reporting I selected SCORM 2004 2nd edition and report status to LMS as Complete/Incomplete. In tracking I selected Track using number of slides viewed. I have it set to 14 our of 16 slides.

The lesson launches fine from the LMS, but completion is not reported back. I've already talked to the LMS vendor and they are not receiving tracking information from the lesson. The lesson doesn't contain any quiz questions. I just need to report that users have looked at all the slides.

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Paula Moran

Thanks for the SCORM Cloud advice. I was able to test in SCROM Cloud. It registered as Completed and passed, but no score.  A screenshot of the SCORM Cloud Report is attached to this post.

I've been to the troubleshooting LMS issues page.  I'm still not sure which field it is that isn't reporting to my LMS. I feel like there is a setting somewhere in the LMS or Presenter that I need to change.