Complicated quiz tracking, module viewing, and retesting

May 21, 2011

I had a potential client recently ask if I could develop a series of modules that required a complicated set of rules for retesting and remediation if a learner did not pass the final assessment for a course. The course would consist of several separate modules that required the learner to pass intermediate quizzes within the module to progress to the end of the module. I can understand how to do this with Presenter and Quizmaker.

The user must complete each module in a specified order to be able to progress to the next module. I think that this feature would be controlled by the LMS. (Could someone confirm this assumption?)

Finally, the part that I do not see how to do with Presenter and Quizmaker is quoted below. The quote refers to a separate final quiz that the learner must pass after completing all of the course modules.  I would appreciate comments as to whether the following can be accomplished with a combination of Presenter and Quizmaker:

"If a student answers less than 80% of the questions correctly, the student should be told how many questions were answered correctly and the student must be required to review the material for the sections they did not get correctly. The course should follow the procedures below:

- Before retaking the assessment, direct the student back to the Table of Contents and instruct them to review the course material, especially areas of uncertainty when taking the final assessment.

- The course modules associated with the missed questions will be marked INCOMPLETE, and the student must fully complete these modules again before retaking the final assessment.

- The application should present a different set of questions when a student is retaking an assessment. The student should only be required to re-take questions from sections for which they did not answer correctly, students do not need to be tested on the entire set of material but only the material for questions they did not answer correctly. The student must retake the exam until they have achieved a combined score of 80%. For instance, if they get 9 questions wrong out of 20 on the first attempt, they only need to answer 5 of the 9 questions correctly on the second attempt in order to demonstrate mastery of the material. The student should be allowed as many attempts as necessary to achieve a score of 80%."

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Justin Wilcox

Most of this would fall under what your LMS can do in regards to course sequencing. Typically course sequencing in an LMS will restrict the end user from advancing past a specific section until they have completed the objectives of that section. Quizmaker does do question randomizing and pooling so the content can do everything you need it to do. You just need to find an LMS that supports course sequencing in a way your client needs.Maybe someone here can suggest one for you.

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