Conflict with Sophos Security?

I have a client who I created an Articulate module for. It freezes on all of their PCs, when it tries to access the first quiz. (I'm posting this here because the problem isn't with quizmaker, that's just where the output I publish from Presenter freezes -- but let me know if I should move this.) At my recommendation, they removed the Sophos security software from her PC, and it worked fine. Of course, that's not a viable long-term option, or something they can do on all their PCs.

All they can tell me is that they have "Sophos 3.5.6," but I see on the Sophos website that they have dozens of independent security modules (LAN, server and endpoint) which may be installed, and they can't tell me what all they have. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping there may be a known issue & workaround. Any suggestions?

(Presenter 09, 6.3.1103.112 Pro, Win7, PPT 2010)

Thanks & happy holidays!

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Peter Anderson

Hi George,

Perhaps not-so-great news for you is that there are no known issues between Sophos and Articulate. One of our lead engineers has reported to me that he ran Sophos until this year and never had any issues. If, however, something in their security suite is preventing content from loading, they should be able to loosen restrictions on that content within Sophos. I'd recommend contacting Sophos to find out how to do that. Best of luck!